Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lost Tooth, Girl Scouts, Vet Bills, & Tadpoles

I've spent the last couple days getting my blog updated and going over some of my posts from a year ago when I started. I know that all parents already know this, but wow, my kids change so much in just one year!  It's almost time for us to start our second year of homeschooling and I am really excited/nervous about teaching Carly to read and helping Olivia through 2nd grade.

Olivia has lost yet ANOTHER tooth yesterday too!

I had considered Girl Scouts awhile back when a friend of mine started her girls into it, but shied away after reading about the increased financial focus the organization has shown in recent years and that there is often difficulty just finding a troop with an opening. Well, that has changed now because I met a troop leader at the kids' Vacation Bible School who seems absolutely elated at the possibility of having *both* of my girls join and, after several emails back and forth, it seems like she has a similar mindset to myself, which is awesome! We will be going to our first meeting in the middle of July and I'm really hoping this works out so the kids can have some friends that they see on a regular basis instead of just the random children we see at the playgrounds.

My 10 year old chihuahua Peppy had an abscess on his behind and was overdue for a vet checkup anyway so we went today.  The estimate to get him all up to date and fixed up was almost $500 so we just had the ruptured gland cleaned up and medicated for now. Hopefully we'll be able to get the rest of his treatments done within the next month. Ugh. 

The kids went outside this evening after a pretty lazy day and when I looked out to see them soaking wet and sitting in the kiddie pool full of tadpoles, I was fine with it.  No big deal. Let 'em play in the water.  We have PLENTY of tadpoles.
Any kiddie pool left full for about a week will fill with tadpoles of all sizes. I love Florida!

Speaking of water, it looks like our well pump may be taking a crap and needing replaced in the very near future. **sigh** Sometimes it's really no fun being a grown up. ;)

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