Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our first week of homeschool

Monday, July 6, 2015
Our first day of 2nd grade and Kindergarten was absolutely flawless!! The girls did wonderfully, there was very little complaining or stalling, and the little guy was easily entertained with a few special activities for only him. He LOVES to use his safety scissors and practice shredding pages from the Kumon workbook.

Tuesday the 7th
I'm hoping to mesh going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week with our school year. My gym has a really fun Body Combat class so I'm shooting for that. It ended up throwing us off a bit so I'm going to plan a bit less schoolwork for gym days....maybe more games....

Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th
Everyone was in a funk these days...ha. We managed to get our bookwork done, but it was like pulling teeth. The kids were at eachother alot for some reason. Here's a pic of the best moment of the day--Olivia doing Geography, Carly doing Math, and Korbin in the background practicing his fine motor skills by cutting up a piece of paper.  It makes a heck of a mess but occupies him for almost an hour so it's worth it. ;)

Friday the 10th
This morning was for running errands. Errands take SO much longer now than they used to a few years ago. We fit in a little math while shopping, then had some screen time (educational apps on tablets) in the afternoon while Korbin napped. After supper, the kids and I loaded up a few bunnies and chickens and went to the small animal auction. It was somewhat miserable with the July heat and humidity. Even after the sun had long gone down, everyone there was glistening, if not dripping, with sweat. The kids handled it all pretty well as long as I kept the $.25 popsicles coming!
Of all things, we ended up coming home with 2 corn snakes. I bought them more for the aquariums than the snakes themselves. They were REALLY cheap. lol

Saturday the 11th
Today I really needed to get the house cleaned up and Josh ended up coming home sick from work, so the kids got a break today.  I am looking into ways to tweak the things we do for school to better fit our days and our family.  I think we might hit a nearby museum on Monday and we are going to our very first Girl Scouts meeting next Saturday! (Very excited for that!)
All week we have been working on various art projects in the afternoons. We have done yarn weaving, dreamcatchers, fabric scrap bracelets, and lots of coloring pages and drawn pictures.

Sunday the 12th
I don't know how, but I managed to get the house cleaned, laundry done, and even plan school yesterday.  This morning went great again and we had all of our work done (and then some!) by noon. The rest of the day, we took it easy. The kids played outside for a bit until it started to rain and then we had a movie night when Josh got home this evening. I look forward to our field trip tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading! :)

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