Monday, September 28, 2015

Art Museum in Sarasota

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
in Sarasota, FL was really awesome! We had a wonderful visit there with some friends of ours.
I wish I could have taken pictures of the paintings that we saw--some were basically murals, absolutely huge, and so beautiful!  They had a lovely playground with a water play area and the property is littered with really cool statues. The last picture I took just so I could share how creepy it was. Ha! Enjoy!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Beach Day Pics and an Intro to Periscope

Periscope is an interesting app. It is connected to Twitter and right now is really being abused to an extent by trolls who just want to see some boobs, but if you can get past that occasional inconvenience, it's really fun and you can find some very interesting people and sayings to look in on. The Periscope app lets you see someone elses live video and comment to those people (if they have it set to accept comments). I Periscoped from the beach the other day and walked around a bit, showing everyone the sea turtle nest the was near us and the seagulls as I tried to feed them from my hand! I really encourage you all to try the Periscope app and follow me! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Korbin's 3rd Bday & more excitement :/

Happy Birthday to my little guy Korbin!! 

Auntie sent a fun gears game that the kids are loving!

And of course we love making houses out of boxes for our dollies (and Hulk!).

Miss Sophie is enjoying the benefits and extra attention of an expectant mom!! We hope for puppies before Halloween.

Homeschool play date day is always a hit....even though Carly had a pretty decent fall onto her tush and Olivia got stung by a wasp.

Korbin found this little cocoon that he kept calling a "jacuzzi." <3

Girl Scouts Snack Badge Day

The girls stumbled upon a sticker doll house toy (similar to paper dolls) and were occupied for hours one day. :)
Olivia likes to help me cook sometimes and we ended up having a little accident when Carly was allowed to stir a roux. :( The first pic was right after it happened and the second was the next morning. She is healing nicely now though.

Another awesome Goodwill find here>>>

They are called Hexabits and are SOOOO fun!! lol

Even during school ;)

And here was a happy snack Olivia insisted I photograph...

And here is a pic of a new family member who will be arriving next week!!! This little guy will make Sophie's next litter of pups ALOT easier to come by. Everyone meet Hershel.