Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Week 2015

This week the kids worked on art projects and tried to get little letters written to another homeschooling family that we stay in touch with. We didn't quite finish it all up, but we will!

We started homeschooling during Shark Week last year, and that seemed to work pretty well for us so we will begin on July 6 this year, along with Shark Week. The kids got to get a shark and 2 sea turtle toys (because they didn't have 3 sharks).

Here's one I'm pretty proud of ;)
Josh gave Carly one of his Loot Crate shirts for pajamas and I got out the sewing machine and made it fit a little better! (The symbol is for Dungeons and Dragons, but we don't really play)

The girls and I also took a quick trip to Goodwill on the 4th and bought a hand mixer, a VHS tape rewinder, and a tool kit (with most of the tools missing). The kids sat down with their tools and electronics and were entertained for a very long time taking things apart and seeing how they work.  :) I even introduced them to putting a 9V battery on your tongue!

My sister in law Sarah has been visiting for the past couple weeks and we had lots of fun having her here with us. Wouldn't you know it, though, that she got to be here for our well pump breaking down, the bathroom pipes needing snaked out and a small invasion of ants in our living room and kitchen! **sigh** Well, there's always next year to show her a better time I suppose!

And, of course, the obligatory fireworks pictures!

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