Monday, June 29, 2015

May June 2015 Catch Up Posts

MAY 1, 2015
What better way to celebrate being home than by going to the local small animal auction?

MAY 2, 2015
Omg omg!!! The hens have been setting on a clutch of eggs since we left on our trip and THEY'RE HATCHING!! YAAAAAY!! These are my first ever hen-hatched chickies!

MAY 5, 2015

Yesterday we found broken coffee and end tables on the roadside and I saw potential for nesting boxes!! Olivia helped a lot too smile emoticon It might need a support board thru the middle, but not bad for stuff we had laying around!

MAY 6, 2015
I went to pay my electric bill this morning and found the secretary standing on her chair. This beautiful little snake had her scared silly. I told her to find me a box to put it in but it started to go into a hole in the wall. I grabbed its tail and pulled it out. I turned out to be a little too forceful though and the snake got torn up. The lady ~really~ didn't want me to let go. I'm sad I wasn't able to bring it home for my husband but now that secretary will have a better, less stressful day.

MAY 13, 2015
Day at the beach!! Finally!!

Bucket o' chicken anyone?? smile emoticon I found a tip online that said in order to get a hen to stop being broody, you should hold her in cool water for about 4 minutes. Hens do not lay eggs while they are broody--they are concentrated only on hatching eggs and protecting chicks. I have 4 chicks that the 3 hens were able to hatch while the kids and I were gone on our roadtrip so I placed them in a separate brooder and dipped some hens in the bucket! Hopefully it works!

MAY 16,2015
Olivia brought in an egg from the coop that had a small crack. I told her that it had to be thrown away or cooked right away. She got very excited and decided to cook it up herself with me giving a couple verbal directions smile emoticon Here's my proud girl!

MAY 20, 2015
Getting my nerd on this evening! "OOOOOH YEEEEAH!"

MAY 23, 2015
Ballast Point Park in Tampa, FL
MANATEES!! My first ever sighting of manatees!

And the kids had some fun at the water park there as well!

JUNE 1, 2015
Headed out for a "dinner and a show" style date night with hubby tonight! Yay! We're going to a comedy club to see Tom Green!

Er mer gerd!! SOO yummy!! (Creme brulee)
 Tom Green!

 JUNE 5, 2015
Today's "homeschool" lesson: How to change a car tire. Next time I think I will let Olivia do it while Carly and I supervise. Then the time after that, maybe Carly can try! Fingers crossed that this lesson takes YEARS!!

JUNE 12, 2015
YESSSSS!! JURASSIC WORLD with the kiddos!!

The last pic was just taken because the girls liked the movie. We didn't see "Home" today.

JUNE 18, 2015
The kids always love it when their Auntie comes to visit!

JUNE 19, 2015
Carly drew this "Human pretending to be an alien."

JUNE 21, 2015
The kids got to have cake and ice cream after the Vacation Bible School week church service.

JUNE 27, 2015
The kids and I went for a little hike at the Cedar Point Environmental Park. It was way too hot, but we will probably return on a cooler day.

JUNE 27, 2015
Our chihuahua had puppies! We have 2 black boys and 2 brown girls. SO CUTE!

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