Monday, June 29, 2015

March to April 11, 2015 Catch Up Posts

MARCH 5, 2015
It's chickie time again!! We aren't doing a whole bunch yet tho...need more coop wink emoticon So far we have 4 healthy hatches and at least 1 more pipped.

MARCH 13,2015
Coffee, chocolate biscotti, and commissioned art? Yes please!!

MARCH 16, 2015
Getting our burn on.

MARCH 16, 2015
Ugh. Olivia just had a meltdown because I can't give her a tiny robot with horns and a remote control so she can attach paper wings and make a robot butterfly. Lol ‪#‎homeschoolproblems‬ I think this would fall under Daddy's area of expertise anyhow...

The girls are playing Marco Polo outside with a sleep mask now!

MARCH 18, 2015
I had no idea the magnitude of inconvenience that our little car accident would cause. I probably would not have been so pleasant at the scene, had I known. It's been over a month now. unsure emoticon

MARCH 19, 2015
Seashell painting since we finished up our bookwork.

MARCH 24, 2015
Olivia just created a new area of study. She bought this with her own money.

MARCH 25, 2015
First bullseye from about 20ft!! 

MARCH 27, 2015
My whole family was sitting around and took a vote on what to watch. The kids and I all voted for "Harry & the Hendersons." (H&H) This is what happened:
Josh-"No no don't get a vote, Mommy gets 1/2 a vote, and Grandpa and I each get 4. The only way we are watching H&H is if Grandpa walks through that door and says 'H&H!'"
So I texted Grandpa Carl, who lives on the property also, and told him to do just that. My luck though, he was at the store. I explained to him what Josh had said, to which he replied, "When did you get 1/2 a vote??"

Abundant rain today has my girls talking of hurricanes and candles, puzzles and board games. smile emoticon Thankfully they seem more excited than afraid. The kids quietly listened as I finished reading this book this afternoon and now we await book 2 this Fall. I found that this author also has a book "The Melancholy Mermaid" that also looks fun. We will probably pick up a copy once we get the car back. And who knew there were book trailers on YouTube also!?

 MARCH 30, 2015
The chickies just doubled their floor space. I think they're pretty happy!

APRIL 2, 2015
If any of you had any doubt of my craziness, I have decided to prove it by venturing on a cross country road trip with only myself and my three young children later this month!! I'm sure there will probably be tears of both joy and frustration but fun will be had by all whether they like it or not!smile emoticon Goodbye Florida-Hello South Dakota!! Looking forward to seeing a lot of our extended family!

APRIL 7, 2015
Did I mention that I love chickens??

We had SO much fun at the beach yesterday, even if we got a little too much sun.....aaand grandpa went swimming with his phone in his pocket! Poor guy!

Hubby getting the pig all processed before my big road trip smile emoticonPork chops tonight!!

APRIL 11, 2015
Caught a mama opposum under the house a couple nights ago. She has at least 3 little babies!! SO CUTE! 

The kids and I will be heading out on our road trip tomorrow morning. How many times do YOU think I'll hear the phrase "Are we there yet?" It's about 3,800 miles over 3 weeks. Ha!

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