Monday, September 1, 2014

Dinosaur Week

 We had "Dinosaur Week" from Sunday, August 24 to today, Monday, September 1, 2014 this year. It was A LOT of fun! I couldn't really find any printables online that met our study level and had the dinosaur theme, so most of our dinosaur studies were crafts, activities, and t.v. shows or documentaries.
We started off the week with a fossil kit for kids that I was actually pretty impressed with.  I found these at a dollar store and bought the last 2 they had....I would have bought one of all 6 kinds if they had had them. The "rock was just hard enough that the kids had to work at it to get to the bones, but not too crazy hard that they couldn't make steady progress. Plus my girls love getting dirty!
Here is a picture of the completed skeletons with some little toys of Korbin's. :) 
  A few days later we attempted to make salt dough coffee ground dinosaur fossils but it ended badly. The mix was way too sticky even though I added extra flour. We tried some of those dinos that you soak in water and they grow in size......I still wasn't impressed.
 We also found this little gem on sale. I mean, who doesn't love origami? Turns out it was way too difficult for us to do this year. That's ok though. We'll tuck it away for a bit and try again next year.
So basically, we watched dinosaur documentaries, did a lot of drawings and paintings of dinos and had ALOT of dino playtime with a decent sized herd of plastic dinosaur toys. We made sugar cookies with dinosaur footprints too.

As our grand finale and also as a celebration for Korbin's 2nd birthday, we went to Dinosaur World in Plant City, FL and it was WONDERFUL! 
(You can visit their website at the bottom of this post.)

We got to listen to a paleontologist talk about her job and all of the fun things she gets to do. 
I don't think I've ever seen this dino before......did the guy get the horn on backwards? 
Korbin's definite favorite of the whole week has been the triceratops. He can say "ceratops" quite clearly. 
The kids got to try their hand at excavating a skeleton in the huge sandbox with paintbrushes. 
This stegosaurus was enormous, but it doesn't show well in the picture.....I doubt I would be able to reach my arms around that tree in the pic. 
 Here, we dug through the sand to find fossils, shark teeth, and pieces of amber. 
And finally, we prospected for semi-precious stones before hitting the gift shop and museum and heading for home. 
 It was a wonderful and exhausting day!
 And here's the birthday boy with his new little friend, "Topper."

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