Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mystery Eggs

On 9-6-14 Father in law found these eggs while we were cleaning up the demo pile behind the house. They move inside when poked. We think they are a lizard of some kind. We know we have anoles and geckos around the house in abundance, but a friend of mine also thinks they may be a skink or salamander also. I hope they hatch ok in my jar!! I will update this post at the bottom when/if they hatch.
They hatched into the teensiest, tiniest little bitty froggies I have ever seen! And these little guys can jump! I went ahead and released them outside so they can find their own mosquito larvae or whatever else itty bitty bugs and stuff they might eat. These pictures show them sitting on the rim of the regular mouth jar. 

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  1. That's pretty neat! I had no idea frog's could be that tiny :-)