Friday, September 19, 2014

My Vegetarian Failure....and I don't really care.

Overall, my first couple weeks went pretty well.

Day 1:We went to Dinosaur World. I was worried about eating out while we were gone but the Chinese food place we stopped at had a vegetable dish that was pretty good. 
Other than that I pretty much ate bananas and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. Oh, and I love starting my day with Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix with Silk soy milk. It's like a melted candy bar in your cup. NO SODA at all today! And bonus - no caffeine headache at all either!
Day 2:A little rougher day today. The kids and I have taken to eating pretzels and hummus VERY well and I'm excited to try making my own. I really wanted a soda today, and almost had one, but made myself put it back.

Day 3:Gave in and had a soda. Just one. Don't judge me! Ha! The kids and I are really enjoying our fruit smoothies, plus they get whipped cream on theirs so they're extra psyched. I'm enjoying my hot chocolate mix and now my coffee with sugar and chocolate creamer....a lot of chocolate creamer. Damn my sweet tooth!

Day 4:Another rough day....with a headache this time. Really wanted to have a soda again but I'm realizing that it's something besides the caffeine that I'm craving....the burn and bubbles maybe? I didn't have one today though. Josh cooked the kids bacon and eggs. I made him save the grease for my eggs on the 1st. (It stores amazingly in a jar in the fridge.) I mostly had my pretzels with hummus, cereal, and some peas with white rice that was leftover in the fridge because I didn't feel like doing much today.

Day 5:Normal day. The kids decided that they could make their own lunchmeat and PB&Nutella sandwiches so I just munched on apples, bananas, and pretzels with hummus. For dinner I cooked up a couple Boca veggie burgers. The kids tried bites, but ultimately stuck to their sandwiches. 

Day 6:We got up and outside first thing this morning and got some good exercise in! It felt good to get all sweaty and tired in the humid FL air. I whipped up some stir fry veggies and rice for lunch. YUM! This one is my favorite.

 Days 7 to 11 are a blur. I had a lot of stress trying to get Carly's medical records switched to Florida from Colorado so she can continue going to preschool for this year AND had been trying to figure out some way that I could fly to South Dakota for my mom and grandma's birthday's but it ended up not working out. I admit that I ate a few items that list milk as an ingredient and I'm pretty sure I had 2 or 3 sodas. I know. I suck. Apparently my will power is in even worse shape than I had originally thought but I continue on! Yesterday on Day 10, my husband cooked up an entire pack of about needing will power! Also I bought a jug of Arizona Green Tea to try and stave off the soda desire. Coffee is ending up making me very jittery if I drink too much so I need to find other alternatives.

Day 12: So. Hopped on the scale today and realized that I have gained 4 pounds since Day 1. Time to get my BodyMedia Fit arm band back out and start tracking calories along with this special diet. It shouldn't be too hard...I hope. Looking back on the past 12 days, I probably need to shift towards a lot more veggies and a lot less carbs and sugars anyway.
I tried my hand at making my own hummus today. It's not too bad, but still not quite the same as store bought.

Days 13 to 14:I started using my arm band to track calories consumed and burned. I had a few vegetarian slip ups without even realizing until afterwards when my husband pointed them out to me. I made pizza for the kids, got distracted and ate a piece myself. Then later, discussing it with the hubs, I was like, "I know. I know. The cheese on the pizza and eggs/milk in the crust." and he says, "And the meat." I was floored that I didn't even recall or consider the meat!! I think this is my subconscious' way of telling me my body wants meat. HA!

Days 15 to 19:A note about the hummus from Day 12; it was pretty good once I let it chill in the fridge. Last night I had a totally defiant "I give up" sort of night and had a lunchmeat sandwich, a couple eggs over easy and 2 sausage I have lost all control with the soda. The stress of the low calorie diet on top of the veg diet just really started to get to me. I fell off the wagon hard and don't see any reason to stress myself and my family even more. Now just isnt a good time to be doing this little experiment. When Mama's crabby, ain't nobody happy! LOL

Sorry if I disappointed any of you, but now I can move on to posting about other things. :)


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