Friday, September 5, 2014

Spontaneous Museum Stop: Arcadia, FL

Today, the kids and I stumbled upon this little gem during a trip to the Post Office. If they had had a bathroom, we would have definitely stayed longer and looked around much more. I think we will probably go back again some other time with Josh because I saw things here and at the shop next door that I would like to get ;)
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The Opera House is a an antique mall and museum housed in a second floor theater that is in near original condition.  The antique mall spans 12 rooms and an enormous main stage gallery filled with treasures.  The building is frequently investigated by professional paranormal teams as well.
The entire historic downtown Arcadia main street is filled with antique stores, cafes and the Opera House is the best attraction of all.  It's a wonderful way to spend a day!


Established in 1906.
The Arcadia Opera House was founded in 1906.  In 1905 a large fire destroyed most of downtown Arcadia and the Opera House was one of the first buildings to be rebuilt.   After it was built by John J. Heard it housed his bank downstairs, the Florida Loan and Trust Company. The rooms upstairs surrounding the theater were rented out to help business owners get back on their feet after the fire and to continue to supply services to the residents of the county.  In addition to being a performance hall it was also used for dances, political meetings, movie theater, the local USO,  graduation ceremonies, black face comedians, vaudeville, silent movies and talkies.

Meet the Business Owner

James C.
James C. Business Owner
James is the new owner of the Arcadia Opera House Antique Mall and Museum.  He is originally from New England and recently relocated his entire eclectic inventory to the Opera House.  In addition to the antiques he also has tens of thousands of vinyl albums for the serious music collector.
Who doesn't love The Great Zoltar!?
The Phantom! He kinda freaked the younger 2 out. Lol
I LOVE this cauldron. That's the only reason for the pic. :)
The kids thought it would be really neat to ride around behind a horse like they did before we had cars.
These last pictures are from the antique shop next door, that had a huge inventory of very neat and VERY expensive items. Thank God that my kids are occasionally able to behave and keep their hands in their pockets!
They had some awesome Uranium glassware....and maybe some Vaseline glassware on the bottom right too. Not sure.
I just thought this was a neat piece. 
This photo is horrible but this stained glass is BEAUTIFUL and the darn thing didn't have a price on it! HA! Probably would have been too much anyway.
and they even have a Facebook page!

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