Saturday, August 30, 2014

2 Days Until Vegetarianism Test Drive (and NO soda)

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but my kids will be joining me on much of my vegetarian journey. I don't intend to deny them a particular food that is already in the house if they want it or limit their choices if we go to a restaurant, but when I cook, I will cook for myself and the whole family. It will just be a little easier on me that way...and probably healthier for them as well!

I've been researching a little more and learned a little more, but overall I don't think this will be too terrible of an experience. There are a lot of foods that are just regular grocery store foods that are coincidentally also vegan/vegetarian. I joined a Facebook vegetarian site and was quite surprised that many/most people who call themselves vegetarians still eat dairy and eggs. Cheaters!! You are Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians and that is much easier than being a true Vegetarian.
I am only so serious about this because I had some internal conflict over whether I should I should do my Bucket List item in the true sense of the word Vegetarian or take the easier way out and do as these other "Vegetarians" do. I opted to try it out in the true sense of the word. I'm hoping to feel much better in my body by the end of the month; healthier, more energy, all of that...less headaches would be nice too. If it ends up being "all that and a bag of Cheetos," I am slightly excited about continuing as a Pescatarian....can't help it, I love fish and shrimp!
And EGGS! Lol I really love eggs....especially the ones from my own chickens! It just dawned on me that my little flock will probably start laying during my Veg Month!! Oh NO!! That will be hard, but I will enjoy "playing" with them and trying to figure out the males from the females. I have 12 naked neck chickens that I bought at auction as chicks awhile back.

But back to my preparation for Vegetarianism, here is a list of foods that I have put together that will be okay for me to eat.
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate (made with soy milk)
Orowheat Country Potato Bread
Healthy Choice Asian Potstickers
Pillsbury Turnovers (Apple and Cherry)
Simply Potatoes Diced Potatoes with Onion
Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread
Aunt Jemima Coffee Cake Mix
Jello Instant Pudding (Pistachio, Lemon, Vanilla, Banana Crème)
Tropical Source Dark Chocolate Chips
Hurst's HamBeens Soups
Hormel Vegetarian Chili
Del Monte White Corn (Cream Style)
Silk (soymilk)
Cereals-Life (regular and cinnamon), Just Right, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Corn Pops, Kix, and Cracklin' Oatbran
Pop tarts(!) (UNfrosted apple cinnamon and strawberry)

And of course loads and loads of fruit and veggies! Plus I plan to make smoothies to squeeze in some of the veggies that I don't really care for (kale) but that have such great nutritional value that I really want to include them. Bonus-the kids LOVE smoothies. I'm also going to poke around the veggie burger, tofu **cringe**, vegan cheese section of the store too and see if anything looks good enough to give a try.

My kids DO NOT drink soda. I drink far too much. I have quit before but it only lasted a month or two and I started back up. I hate all of the crap that is in soda (diet soda that I drink especially) and I am determined to quit again once and for all and set a better example for my children. The caffeine is usually my biggest hurdle so I'm planning on having some chocolaty and coffee-like caffeinated drinks around to ward off those darn with-drawl headaches.

Thank-you all for visiting and reading my blog! I would love to hear what you think and if you have ever have done or will ever be doing anything like this! Be sure to put together your own list at too! It's really fun to work towards accomplishing goals you set for yourself! Thanks again!


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