Monday, August 18, 2014

Vegetarian Research Findings of an Omnivore

Wow. I hadn't realized the lengths vegetarians go to to ensure that there isn't even a trace of animal product in their food.  Apparently some breads have added gluten in them that are taken from animals. I knew that Jell-O gelatin is made from animals, so I had expected that one. The bread thing is going a little far for me though. I found an online list of "surprisingly vegan" foods that I am going to use as a main guideline for September.

That's another thing too; I Googled for info, food lists, and recipe ideas for vegetarians and almost all of the search results were vegan this and vegan that. I guess people nowadays don't feel that vegetarian is taking it far enough. Ha! I am NOT one of those people. If I end up finding that this diet change is just spectacular and want to keep going with it, I'm pretty sure I will only go as far as Pescetarian....because I loves me some seafood.....and I won't beat myself up over a little milk or a couple eggs either. I love keeping chickens and having my own egg supply.

Another thing I am getting geared up for is lentils. I had read several times that lentils are an acceptable substitute for ground beef in some recipes and had meant to test it out for quite awhile now. I'm excited to finally get around to that....and the kids will have the final say on the subject. Also, I've never had tofu. Just the word makes me cringe and wrinkle my nose. Tofu. We'll just wait and see if I get that brave.

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