Sunday, October 25, 2015

Carly's 6th Birthday & Halloween

For Carly's 6th birthday, she first got to pick a toy from the store that she'd be eyeing for quite awhile...

then we went to Sky Zone in Fort Myers, FL!

The girls took a spin in the hurricane machine.

We finished the day at home with cake and a few presents. She was over the moon about getting a tablet to replace the one she broke a few months before. :D Look at that face! She also got a new baby doll and some new dresses (which she adores because she's my girlie girl <3 )

A week later was Halloween. Carly was a "Neon Skeleton," Korbin was the transformer "Bumblebee," and Olivia was a "fairy."

Several days later, the kids found the face paint that we forgot to use. The trio disappeared to the bathroom for awhile and returned looking like this:

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