Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan Feb 2015 Catch Up Posts

JANUARY 2, 2015
SALSA TIME! I love farmer's markets!
 Darn. Lost one. I knew I should have canned them in two batches.

 JANUARY 3, 2014
 Homeschool done smart!
smile emoticon Olivia reading to the littles while they finish their snacks. 3 birds. 1 stone.(Also the girls are dressed up for "Princess Homeschool Day!" complete with lipstick and eyeshadow. lol)

JANUARY 6, 2015
Ugh. I am throwing in the towel as far as school today. No one seems to be in the mood to cooperate AT ALL. Oh well. Every day can't be fabulous. Gotta love the schedule flexibility I suppose!! We'll try again on Thursday!

JANUARY 7, 2015
 Things have suddenly become very tribal in our back yard! 

JANUARY 30, 2015
We finally got the tadpoles (Yes, they're STILL tadpoles!) moved to a smaller, cleaner kiddie pool and dumped the larger one out to clean it up for warmer weather, then played in a muddy sandbox, then had bath time---now Olivia is in the bath practicing holding her breath so she can be a mermaid when she grows up. LOL She's very excited that she can open her eyes too!

FEBRUARY 3, 2015
This morning the girls got their bodies warmed and woke up and moving by doing the "Groot" freeze dance when "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 came on the radio. If you haven't seen the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and you want my kids to like you, be sure to watch it! Lol

FEBRUARY 8, 2015
 I sent the girls outside with their Halloween pails and a bunch of handwritten cards with things to find. They had a lot of fun!

FEBRUARY 16, 2015
 Some lady from Philly smashed into my car. All are ok. Thank goodness no one was going very fast.

FEBRUARY 19, 2015
 Well, once the car is fixed, this'll be an awesome game for the kids! We'll be hunting snowbirds!! (You flip over each states license plate as you spot them)

FEBRUARY 22, 2015
 Korbin says, "I was hungry Mommy." I think he thought it was cake or a banana bread...

FEBRUARY 26, 2015
 And of course Carly is ready for early school too... :)

FEBRUARY 26, 2015
6:30 a.m. for math? Why not?
 I am so excited to do this 30 day art challenge in my small art journal because when I'm finished I get to start on the huge sketchbook! It was half price at Hobby Lobby and I am really looking forward to cracking it open!

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